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Glasses and contact lenses can complicate fun activities like swimming or contact sports and are a hassle to maintain. 

LASIK surgery can reduce your dependence on glasses and contacts, eliminating the barriers between you and your favorite hobbies. 

See why patients from Sandy, Draper, and South Jordan, UT, trust Progressive Eye Care to handle their LASIK procedures. 

What Is LASIK?

LASIK, short for laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a type of eye surgery that can correct refractive issues in your eyes. A refractive error is when the shape of your eye prevents light from being focused onto your retina, the part that processes visual information before sending it to your brain. LASIK uses a laser to change the shape of your cornea, a clear outer layer of the eye, to better redirect light and give you clearer vision. 
LASIK is a vision-correction surgery that can treat refractive errors like astigmatism.

Benefits of LASIK

Improve Your Vision 

LASIK can treat the major refractive issues behind many eyesight problems. According to Cleveland Clinic, around 90% of LASIK eye surgery patients gain 20/20 to 20/40 vision from the procedure

Increase Independence 

With a reduced dependence on corrective lenses, you can enjoy physical activities without worrying about breaking your glasses or losing a contact. 

Quick and Effective  

The results of LASIK surgery start to take effect almost immediately, and patients can expect to see the final life-changing results within six months of receiving the surgery.  

Candidates for LASIK

While LASIK surgery is the most common laser treatment for visual corrections, some patients may not be good candidates for this procedure. Our doctors at Progressive Eye Care in South Jordan, UT, can examine your eyes and evaluate whether you're a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Candidates for LASIK vision corrections generally have: 

  • Finished growing (they are generally in their early 20s or older) 
  • Had no changes in their prescription for at least a year  
  • Good eye health, especially in relation to the corneas 

Since the surgery works by reshaping the corneas, any health conditions affecting your corneas can impact your eligibility for LASIK. Other conditions like cataracts or glaucoma can also impact your ability to receive LASIK.

Improve Your Vision and Quality of Life  Request a LASIK Consultation Today 

Do contacts tire and dry out your eyes? Does your eye prescription require thick glasses that feel heavy and uncomfortable? LASIK can lighten the load by reducing or eliminating your need for contacts and glasses. 

During a consultation, our doctors will listen to your needs and discuss whether LASIK is right for you. Ask us any questions about LASIK or request a consultation to see if you’re eligible for the procedure. Call our office in South Jordan, UT, at: 

(801) 506-6727

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We serve patients in Sandy, Draper, and other regions of Utah from our office in South Jordan.

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Comfortable and relaxing office. Friendly and courteous staff. Fancy high tech equipment. Knowledgeable and informative providers who inspire confidence.

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Such a great team they have here. Everyone so kind, friendly, caring & very professional as well. I'd highly recommend Progressive Eye Care.

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The Procedure

LASIK eye surgery is an outpatient procedure that typically takes 30 minutes, so you don't need to stay at a hospital overnight. 
Over 40 million LASIK surgeries have been performed worldwide”  Cleveland Clinic


Patients must avoid using perfume, makeup, creams, and lotions in the 24 hours leading up to the surgery. We will provide numbing eye drops before the surgery. While LASIK is virtually painless, some patients may feel mild pressure during the procedure. 

Creating a Flap 

Next, we’ll form a paper-thin, three-sided flap in the outer layer of the cornea before gently lifting it up and out of the way so we can access the treatment site.

Reshaping the Cornea 

At this stage, patients must stare into a designated light to keep their sight focused on one spot and prevent their eyes from moving (this light is not the laser). A laser will remove tissue to reshape the cornea and ultimately help your eye direct light to the retina.  

Sealing the Flap 

Once the cornea is reshaped, our doctor will return the flap to its original position, which seals and protects the treated tissue. Your eye will already begin to heal within a few minutes of the procedure. Patients cannot drive for the rest of the day after receiving LASIK, so they should prepare other travel arrangements.   
We’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to check on your progress around 24 hours after the surgery. Our doctors will provide eye drops and a shield that covers your eyes to prevent any unintentional rubbing or touching of the area. 


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Most patients can drive and return to their normal work or school schedule the next day, but others may experience temporary side effects including: 

  • Dry or itchy eyes 
  • Mild pain or discomfort 
  • Glare or halos
  • Blurry vision 
  • Light sensitivity 
  • Difficulty seeing at night 

These symptoms usually fade within several weeks of the surgery. 

Alternative Treatments 

We're happy to offer multiple vision-correction options for patients in the South Jordan, UT, area. If LASIK is not the right fit for you, our doctors can recommend other treatments such as Ortho-K, a nonsurgical way of gently reshaping your cornea by wearing contacts while you sleep. 

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I always have a positive experience at progressive Eye Care. The staff and doctors take plenty of time to make me feel like an important patient and that I know I'm getting great care.

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One of the best experiences I have had with an optometry office. Their staff seem very knowledgeable and their diagnostic equipment is top-notch. 100% recommend. 

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Progressive Eye Care

Dr. Jeffrey Broadhead, OD and his team of optometry and ophthalmology professionals provide comprehensive treatments to improve the vision of patients from our offices in South Jordan, UT. Our doctors are members of professional associations, including:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology,
  • American Board of Ophthalmology
  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • American Optometric Association
  • Utah Optometric Association
  • Orthokeratology Academy of America

To schedule an appointment at our South Jordan optometry practice, you can contact us online or give us a call at (801) 676-2020.

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