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Is Lasik Right for Me?

iStock 000004875129 resized smallHow does Lasik Work?

Lasik permanently reshapes the cornea with a laser to allow light to focus clearly on the retina.  Lasik can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism with great accuracy.  Lasik can reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses and contacts, and can be life changing!

Why ask an Optometrist about Lasik?

Trying to make sense of refractive surgery jargon can be confusing.  We’ll take the time to explain the terminology – things like the difference between “conventional LASIK” and “custom LASIK” and PRK.  We’ll tell you about “blade free” Intralase and help you understand the risks and benefits of all these options.  When you decide to move forward, we coordinate with our surgeons to ensure the best outcomes possible.  

If our advanced screening indicates you are a good candidate, we arrange your surgery with one of our affiliated surgeons.  We provide pre-operative testing, post-LASIK follow-ups, and ongoing care after surgery.   


Other Surgical Options

Those who are not LASIK candidates may be candidates for other surgical alternatives.  PRK is an option for some. In other cases, cataract surgery is a better options.  Others may benefit from “clear lens extraction” or “intra-cameral lens implants” which place lenses inside the eye.  With these options, many who were too highly nearsighted for LASIK are now candidates for refractive surgery.  New multifocal lens implants are also available which offer an option for people to replace their bifocal glasses.  


Each Person is Unique

Each person's visual demands are different.  Recommendations for refractive surgery should be based on your individual circumstances and how YOU need your eyes to function in your every-day activities.  No one knows functional vision needs better than your optometrist.  Let us help you discover if eye surgery is right for you.


Ready to find out if Lasik can change your life?

We offer Free Consultations to help you discover if Lasik or PRK is right for you.

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