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 Finally, an alternative to glasses and daytime contact lenses without surgery!

Gently reshaping the cornea to correct your vision while you sleep.

by Dr. Jeff Broadhead, Progressive Eye Care,South Jordan, Utah

Who is an ideal Ortho-K Candidate?

  • Children whose eyes get more nearsighted every year
  • Children and adults who are active in sports
  • Patients looking for an alternative to lasik surgery or are too young for lasik surgery
  • Patients who have difficulties wearing traditional contacts because of dry eyes or allergies

Does Ortho-K work on all prescriptions?

GVSS works best on mild to moderate nearsightedness or astigmatism, and in some cases farsightedness.  Certain prescriptions cannot be treated with corneal reshaping.  Examination is required to determine candidacy.  Individual results may vary. 

Is Ortho-K good for people with active lifestyles?  

Absolutely!  Eyes eyes lead the body.  Nowhere is this more important than when participating in sports.  Glasses are a hindrance for many sports enthusiast, whether professional or recreational.  Corneal Reshaping is an excellent option to eliminate the need for glasses or contacts during sports, especially for children and youth.

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Can Ortho-K help stop my child's eyes from getting worse?

Many parents are concerned when their children's nearsightedness keeps getting worse year after year.  Eye doctors are concerned too!

Current research indicates that wearing glasses may actually contribute to the progression of myopia, while Corneal Reshaping to treat myopia can reduce the rate of progression by 47 to 60%. 

We believe that all children with rapidly progressing myopia should be evaluated for Ortho-K or alternative "myopia control" methods.

Nearsightedness is reaching epidemic levels in some populations and is becoming more and more common in all populations.  High levels of myopia (nearsightedness) carry increased risks for other eye diseases such as glaucoma and detached retinas, making the increase in the incidence and severity of myopia a significant concern. 

CLICK HERE for more about how GVSS is used for Myopia Control in children.

Are age restrictions the same for ortho-k as for Lasik?

No.   Lasik is not performed on persons under age 21.  Ortho-K has no age restrictions, and works well on children and adults. 

I'm really careful with my eyes.  Is corneal reshaping safe?

For our GVSS corneal retainers, we utilizes FDA approved materials.  It is safe for children and adults and is an excellent alternative for children who are just becoming nearsighted.  No adverse events were reported in FDA approval studies. 

Ortho-K is safe, non-surgical, non-invasive and reversible.   As with any lens worn on the eye, there is a risk of corneal infections.  Proper care, cleaning, handling and follow up help to reduce these risks.  The risk of infection is same or similar to the risk of other FDA-approved overnight contact lenses. 

Click here to see the medical literature on Ortho-K and Myopia Control.

Oriandy Reyes Testimony English - smallI've never heard of GVS, Ortho-K or Corneal Reshaping.  Is this new?

Attempts to reshape the cornea have been made since contacts were first invented.  The original orthokeratology method involved wearing lenses during the day, every other day, and results varied greatly.

Impressive advances in materials science and manufacturing technology make modern Corneal Reshaping safe, predictable, and accurate. 

These advances include safer, more breathable materials, better instruments for mapping and measuring the cornea, and impressive design and manufacturing techniques to create highly effective and customized corneal retainer designs.

Are the corneal retainers comfortable?

Corneal Retainers are well tolerated because they are worn while eyes are closed during sleep. 

What if I have dry eyes or allergies, can Ortho-K help me?

Dry eye syndrome is a major concern in a dry place like Utah. Many residents in the areas near our practice (South Jordan, West Jordan, Herriman, Riverton, and Sandy) also suffer from allergies  which can make it almost impossible to continue wearing daytime contact lenses.

Since corneal reteainers are only worn on the eyes at night while you sleep, dry eye and allergy sufferers may experience relief due to unrestricted tear flow during waking hours.

How much does GVSS cost?

Our GVSS program includes all professional visits for one year and two sets of retainer lenses.  The cost of the program varies based on the complexity of the prescription.  Full details are presented at the time of your free consultation. 

Does health or vision insurance cover this procedure?

As with Lasik, vision and health insurance treat Corneal Reshaping as cosmetic, therefore Corneal Reshaping therapy is not billed to insurance.

Easy Ways to Get Started

If you would like to know if you (or a family member) are a candidate for Ortho-K, here's how to get started:

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