Will Vuity Eye Drops Work for Me? By Jeff Broadhead O.D. on May 07, 2022

Great News for People Over 40!

Many adults struggle to see clearly after age 40 and would like workable alternatives to reading glasses and progressive lenses.  

Today I participated in an online education course about all the exciting new eyedrops expected to be approved in 2022 and 2023 to give new hope for people over 40!

I'm super excited to share how NEW prescription eye drops such as Vuity™ are changing the game!


What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is the word eye doctors use to describe the gradual decline in accommodation which makes it harder to read as we turn 40 and beyond.  Presbyopia or "aging eyes" affects all of us sooner or later.  

What are Vuity Eye Drops?

Vuity™ eye drops are a special formula of pilocarpine used to comfortably shrink the pupil size, causing better depth of focus and easier reading vision.  Shrinking the pupil size is called miosis.  We are currently prescribing these drops in our office at Progressive Eye Care in South Jordan, Utah. 

We've treated many patients between age 43 and 55 (from South Jorda, West Jordan, Herriman, Taylorsville, and Sandy) who've heard the ads and come asking for the drops.  We provide a careful examination and discussion of the risks and benefits, as well as follow up in one month to ensure no issues arise.  So far, we've had a great response.

Will Vuity Eye Drops Work for Me?

Vuity eye drops work best for people between age 42 and 60 who are struggling to read.  Because Vuity causes the pupil to constrict, and since many older patients naturally have very small pupils already, Vuity may not work for everyone.  Cataracts may also make it less effective.  

Vuity has been reported, very rarely, to cause retinal detachments.  However, the most common side effects are brow and headache and redness. 

Do I Need a Prescription for Vuity Eye Drops?

Yes.  A presription is required.  Due to potential side effects, Vuity should be used under the supervison of your optometrist or ophthalmologist. 

The News Just Keeps Getting Better

Later this year we expect additional medications to be approved with actually purport to soften the lens in the eye, potentially allowing us to delay and even reverse the normal effects of aging on our accommodation system.  

We may soon actually have a way directly treat presbyopia!  Exciting!

CLICK HERE for more information about current and future treatments for presbyopia.  

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