Using Vision & Medical Insurance for Eye Care By Jeff Broadhead O.D. on December 17, 2021

Vision Plans vs Health Plans

Many people obtain Vision and Health benefits from their employers.  

Vision Plans typically cover a routine eye exam and contribute towards the purchase of glasses or contact lenses.  Some plans renew every year, others only every two years.

Vision plan benefits are use-it-or-lose-it -- that is, they disappear if unused before the end of the benefit period.  

Health plans (medical insurance) may also include an annual eye exam benefit, but don't typically contribute to eyewear purchases.  Medical insurance can also be billed for eye exams related to eye diseases such as pink eye, infections, loss of vision, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and more. 

Some people make the mistake of suffering with dry or painful eyes, or languishing with a frustrating blur just waiting until their vision plan kicks in again.  

DON'T WAIT If You Have An Urgent Eye Problem!

If you have pain, dryness, blurry vision, spots in your vision, flashes of light or any other concern, medical insurance or take advantage of our VIP Savings Plan.  

Co-Pays and Deductibles

A co-pay is the patient's contribution towards the cost of an exam.  Some plans also have high deductibles, which many mean that if an exam is billed to your medical plan, you pay a contracted amount until you satisify the deductible.  

We are always happy to perform a complimentary benefits review.  

Putting Patients First

At Progressive Eye Care in South Jordan, we never let insurance (or the lack of insurance) get in the way of great care.  We only recommend the care that is needed to help maximize, preserve and protect your vision!


Glaucoma testing with OCT



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